40 – Emotional Range

40 – Emotional Range

Recently, I wrote a blog post called ‘Such a loser’, and had very varied responses to what I expressed. One of those responses turned into a beautiful back and forth with someone who recently started following my work. 

Part of her response was asking me the question “Are you okay?”, which I was so touched by, and she further went on to ask – “Do some people experience emotions differently?” – naming that if she’d felt what I had written that I was feeling – she’d be worried. And yet, I’m doing great, so what gives?

I recorded my answer and thought you all may be interested too. I jam on:

  • How different personality types can experience emotions differently
  • Emotional development and the difference between being highly emotional and highly emotionally developed.
  • My own journey with intentional emotional practice and what that’s offered me.
  • What growing emotional capacity feels like and why it’s common for people to back away from this kind of practice.

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