38 – Co-creative Leadership with Jennifer Chapman

38 – Co-creative Leadership with Jennifer Chapman

Jennifer Chapman is the founder of ‘Ambition Leadership’ which she leaped into on Leap Day 2012 – with a desire to build a company that embodied the leadership behaviours it promoted. She is an expert Leadership Coach working with STEM managers and leaders who want to increase their productivity and performance by strengthening their competence and people skills. In this episode, Jennifer provides practical tools for how to manage your boss – whether you have one or are one, varying personality types in the workplace and how to honour them, possibilities to influence culture without hierarchical power and an invitation to consider what type of work culture we want to belong to.

Listen in as they discuss:

[02:08] – What Jennifer is leading and what brought her to this work. She shares her personal experiences with leaders and how this led to her mission to show people you can be successful and actually embody what it is to be a great leader.

[04:59] – How leaders are usually either more task focused or more people focused, and the importance of finding the right balance of both.

[07:04] – Practical examples from Jennifer on how to manage your boss, including proactive ways to meet both of your needs and how to successfully get buy-in from your boss – including when asking for a raise.

[13:13] – The biggest trap Jennifer sees in teams created by Creatives, and ways to navigate that for more effective leadership.

[17:45] – Ways to honour different personality types and strengths in the workplace, and a practical example of how to do this effectively in decision-making meetings.

[21:36] – Personality typing models, the value of honouring who people individually are and that there is not one ‘right way’ of doing things.

[31:03] – The ‘boxing in’ some have with personality typing, and a possible reframe to see it as a tool of curiosity – what if it actually expands our understanding of someone and ourselves rather than reducing it?

[33:03] – The risk of running too far with typing and making concrete assumptions about each other.

[34:35] – Creating work cultures can be co-creative – not just top down, they explore the ways those who don’t have hierarchical power can influence culture and an example of honouring both stability and change.

[39:07] – The coming of change – how small moves can move the dial more than really big moves.

[41:22] – The importance of considering what type of work culture and environment we want to belong to. How to approach this when interviewing for a new role by asking curious questions of the interviewer. Rather than seeing it as – ‘will they pick me?’ – considering ‘are we a right match?’ and ‘is this a place I will wither and die, or thrive?’

[45:03] – How to go about connecting with Jennifer’s work and what resources she has available to support you. 

[46:21] – The cyclical leadership edge that Jennifer is currently at, and an offer to get introspective – at least once a year – about what work is energizing us, what is draining us, and consider ways to work smarter to get more of what we love.

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About Jennifer

Jennifer Chapman used to be a workaholic, known as the go-to person for getting things done and managing the most difficult clients at a Fortune 500 consulting firm. She thrived in challenging situations, proving to others time and time again that she was invincible. Eventually, Jennifer’s mental and physical health began to suffer, so she decided to create a new professional and personal life that aligned with what she valued most. She created the job she wants and a new independent confidence, and she continues to bring her authentic self into all of her work. She is more successful—in terms of happiness, financial security, and her ability to help others—than she has ever been. Today, Jennifer is an expert leadership coach, working with STEM managers and leaders who want to increase productivity and performance by strengthening their confidence and people skills.

When Jennifer isn’t developing the next generation of influential leaders, she can be found spending time with her husband and five children, and hitting the trails with their beloved English Springer Spaniel, Brutus!

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