36 – Who we are is how we lead with Ali Phillips

36 – Who we are is how we lead with Ali Phillips

Ali Phillips founded ‘Bust A Move Dance’ in 2009 – one of Australia’s first inclusive dance companies for children, teens and adults with disabilities – at age 17. Diving into entrepreneurship at an early age, she soon developed a passion for both teaching and leadership. In this episode, she speaks about how who we are is how we lead and how sensing into body and mind simultaneously, as well as defining and aligning with our core values, allows us to show up in leadership and in the World authentically. Ali defines self-awareness as a superpower, and the more we know ourselves, the better we can show up aligned in our purposeful work. For links and show notes go to: cheladavison.com/podcast.

Listen in as they explore:

[01:42] The beginning stages of Ali’s journey with ‘Bust A Move Dance’, and how she ended up stewarding and developing on an idea of her older Sister’s. 

[08:26] Both the Gold and the challenges of starting business at a young age.

[11:32] Effective communication in business, masculine/feminine energetics in leadership and what Ali needed to develop in herself in order to show compassion when holding a team. 

[13:56] How who we are is how we lead, and how leadership requires us to face our edges in order to lead both effectively and empathetically.

[17:26] How our challenges in leadership can also be our gifts. What are the capacities and skills that you didn’t have to work for – what did you get ‘for free’ – and what are the ways you can leverage those while also being mindful of the challenges they bring?

[19:03] The high expression and low expression of our capacities.

[21:11] The narratives that can get in our way when at the beginning stages of initiating ideas or starting a business and how sensing into the body can help.

[23:58] The body as a navigational tool for decision making. Ali shares how she has also incorporated mindfulness as a key addition allowing her to listen to her body on a deeper level. 

[27:17] Ali’s three current core values and practical examples of how she applies them in her life and work.

[36:08] Cultural lenses around diversity and inclusion, and Ali’s personal experience of running her business in both Australia and Canada.

[31:15] The various places and spaces where Ali is leading right now.

[40:26] Ali’s current leadership edges around vulnerability, and how this feels like a blockage around one of her core values.

[44:00] Both Chela and Ali’s experiences of the pressure that comes with being successful at a young age.

[47:17] Self-Awareness as a Superpower. They discuss the Enneagram, Human Design and how knowing yourself and what you need every day to feel good can be so valuable. 

[53:00] The value in having what Ali describes as a ‘personal board of directors’ who hold space for you and offer feedback. They discuss what’s needed to develop your own board of directors, including that it begins with you. What do you need from them, and how can you give that to yourself first?

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About Ali

Ali Phillips began her career after founding Bust a Move Dance (BAMD), one of Australia’s first inclusive dance companies for children, teens and young adults with disabilities in 2009. Gaining unparalleled experience in the Dance, Education and Business spaces, while also establishing herself as a respected leader, Ali discovered a passion for creating inclusive communities. 

Currently living in Toronto and specializing as an Embodied Leadership Coach for Dance & Fitness studio owners, Ali is widely known for her ability to disrupt and challenge the status quo.

While teaching dance will always be her first passion, empowering those around her to 

  1. De-condition handed down money stories
  2. Facilitate hard conversations around social issues &
  3. Learn to tap into the energetics of Self trust

has allowed her to support young professionals, Business Founders and CEO’s not limited to the dance space to embody their unique approach to leadership. 

Her Why is ‘To recognize the potential in herself and others so that they have the freedom and choice to create the authentic life they deserve to live’

Find Ali here

IG – @aliphillips.official 

Facebook – ali_phillips09@hotmail.com 

I’m an Integral Master Coach™, Master Certified Coach, writer, mother & people lover. My gifts are centered around helping others to meet their calling and unleash their genius, on behalf of our shared world. Get to know me...