33 – Interdependent Emergence

33 – Interdependent Emergence

This episode is part of the Guided Series, where Chela explores the key guiding principles in her work and business. Interdependent Emergence is the exploration of how through braiding together our individual and collective gifts, we can co-create a world we can belong to and thrive in. Chela discusses how this lens can help us co-create with both seen and unseen forces, enabling us to bring about opportunities and possibilities that our own imaginings simply could not conjure alone. She provides the comforting thought that we are not meant to do it all, and that by leaning into interdependent emergence, we can also sink deeper into our own unique genius. For links and show notes go to: cheladavison.com/podcast.

Listen in, as she talks about…

  • [04:18] How we are inseparable from a complex, evolving whole that we are co-creating together and what this means for our lives and business both influencing and being influenced.
  • [06:47] The way in which the spell of individualism can feel like a solo burden of ‘it’s all up to me’ when attempting to bring forward our work in the World. A feeling of self as a machine more than us being interrelated beings.
  • [08:17] How interdependent emergence asks us to enquire into the ways in which we belong, are sufficient and are interconnected, and how different this is from the message in our dominant cultures that we have to ‘go it alone.’
  • [08:51] How owning the gifts that are uniquely our own, and having someone else hold what’s not for us, can actually allow us to sink deeper into our own gifts.
  • [11:15]  The way in which our Capitalist system tends to deny the collective by showing false narratives of self made success, as well as the ‘against all odds’ stories claiming it’s all about ‘working hard enough’, but ignores the collective phenomenon that goes into creating successful initiatives.
  • [14:35] The risk of exploitation of others, ourselves and the planet when our only option for movement in individualism seems to be to extract from something, yet how co-creating instead can prevent burnout, increase spiritual connectedness and provide us a sense of place and belonging.
  • [17:45] The risks of best practices with a promise to arrive vs. leaning into the mystery that comes with emergence.
  • [22:00] How holding this principle allows us to see failure as a part of all that is emerging in our cycle of living.
  • [23:15] The heartbreaking reality that the collective interdependent ecosystem is keeping the individualistic agenda alive.
  • [26:00} A practical example exploring the mystery of what emerges when we start to put our attention on the interdependent co-creative conversation.
  • [28:53] – How interdependent emergence gives us permission to be honest about what is not ours to hold and how we can take sovereign ownership of the partiality of our being as part of claiming our wholeness.
  • [30:23] – A practical example of the deeply satisfying process of co-creating with another’s genius who can hang out in the unknown, and the faith, curiosity and humility that it requires.
  • [34:30] – The dynamic, emergent and interdependent space that is created during coaching conversations that reveal new opportunities, new openings, new possibilities and ways to walk the path of what clients are looking to build.
  • [36:55] – How this principle can guide us through seen and unseen support and how we can co-create with everything from the land, to animals, to the soul of the book we want to write.

Brand and Design Reference in this episode: Alyssa Burt, Brave Narrative

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