30 – Embodied Leadership with Sigrid Tasies

30 – Embodied Leadership with Sigrid Tasies

Sigrid Tasies is an Embodiment and Leadership Coach, Speaker, Author of the book “Intimacy Within”, and host of the top rated Podcast “Sacred Leaders”. In this episode, Sigrid dives into what it means to lead from the inside out and the necessity for leaders to be doing deep inner work in order to truly lead others (versus leading from and for individualistic ends). They talk about what it means to embody knowledge versus operating from surface or cognitive understanding, models for leadership that attends to right relations with self, others and nature, the power of plant medicine and the prison of identity that can grow alongside success.

Listen in as they explore:

  • What’s alive in ‘these times’ and what kinds of leadership Sigrid feels is called for as we collectively navigate polarization and disruption.
  • The dangers and perils of ‘outside in’ leadership and the lack of integration and embodiment that can skew intention, influence and power. Sigrid invites us to assess how we carry ourselves when no one is watching, allowing this to be a place of inquiry for edge development.
  • What it means to truly honour the responsibility undertaken when stepping into leadership, to be in right relations, and to care for the collective, versus pursuing compensatory and individualistic ends.
  • How to unplug from and move beyond transactional ways of engaging and relating to ourselves and each other as commodities, to more collaborative spaces and what Sigrid refers to as clean service.
  • How important it is, when we’re up to big things, to be continually reminded of our interconnectedness and how being in and communing with nature is a hygiene practice to orient toward abundance, overflow and innate giving impulses.
  • Sigrid’s unique approach to working with women through intentional initiations and rights of passage.
  • The definition of embodiment as it pertains to leadership capacities and ongoing growth and development.
  • Sigrid shares about the path of plant medicine, her experience having sat through hundreds of ceremonies and now as an apprentice of plant healing. How it’s served her in healing deep intergenerational trauma, connecting with the elements, Earth, and intuition in more whole and integrated ways, and the cyclical experience of engaging plant medicine in the growth and creative expression of her business and offerings.
  • The risk and almost inevitably of leaders and experts in becoming imprisoned by their identities and the ways that needing to uphold the image, capacities and outcomes of what they teach or lead can stifle new layers of embodied growth and healing.
  • Chela shares about her own burnout experience while struggling to reconcile an embodied identity of resilience with feeling the limits of that resilience.
  • The excruciating, shame inducing, ego shattering spaces of feeling human limitation while simultaneously leading in and through where we most need to heal or grow.
  • The importance of honest reflection and challenge in community and the risk some leaders face of organizing people around them who are invested in pleasing versus honest and vulnerable reflection.
  • The impulse to go to tactics to strategies to solve business problems, but the value of digging deeper into the embodied patterns and stories that guide the ways of relating to self, others and our place in the world and our spheres of influence. Sigrid shares a poignant and relatable example of how glass ceilings and self-sabotage can play out when playing bigger games in business and leadership. 

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About Sigrid:

Sigrid Tasies is an Embodiment and Leadership Coach, Speaker, Author of the book “Intimacy Within”, Host of the top rated Podcast “Sacred Leaders”, Humanitarian and Modern Medicine Woman. 

She supports mission-driven entrepreneurs and coaches to amplify their impact in the world from the inside out and bring more depth to their legacy, through embodying their deepest truth and alignment.

Through her private and group coaching programs, ceremonial retreats and live experiences, Sigrid is known for creating “Initiation Containers” where she supports her clients and students to become the embodiment of their true mission, through doing the deep, inner-work. She merges a wide variety of coaching and healing tools and modalities, and is known for her non-bs yet deeply compassionate approach.

Her work has impacted thousands of people and been shared across hundreds of platforms around the world.

Find Sigrid here:

Website: www.sigridtasies.com
Instagram: @sigridtasies
Podcast: Sacred Leaders
Clubhouse: @sigridtasies

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