28 – Seasons as Map and Compass with Chela Davison

28 – Seasons as Map and Compass with Chela Davison

This episode is part of the Guided series, where Chela explores the key guiding principles in her work and business. Seasons as a Map and Compass is the exploration of the seasonality of life, work and development. Life and death cycles and how they can show us where we are, what’s needed and what’s coming. Chela discusses bringing this lens to the creative process, business building and executing on projects. She explores the interdependent nature of nature and how looking to seasonality when it comes to project planning and moving through phases or work can bring heaps of wisdom, acceptance and relief.

Listen in, as she talks about…

  • The ways that dominant capitalist assumptions are incongruent with the seasonal nature of things and how this creates a lose/lose game when pursuing success.
  • The insidiousness of narratives around endless growth and bettering, the way this seeps into our psyches and leads to feelings of failure or the interpretation that something is wrong when things fall apart.
  • The way the denial of and trying to ‘beat’ or rise above the nature of seasonality within our economic systems, constantly prioritizing growth, leads to continued extraction of resources: of self, each other and planet.
  • The collective allergy to death and how this influences how we tend to approach work, creativity and change.
  • The exploration of personal relationships with seasonality and what it would mean to use the seasons as a compass to deeply attune to what’s needed.
  • Applying seasonality to your own areas of life and projects, naming the tendencies or preferences that people can hold (regardless of the dominant cultural preferences) and how that can impact engagement with life and leadership initiatives.
  • What happens as each season has run its course, but we as humans and makers and leaders hold on. She explores ‘work types’, listen in to see which seasons you relate to in how you approach and engage your work and projects.


The Seasons Course referenced in this episode is not yet available. Stay tuned!

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