27 – Self-As-Instrument. Work-As-Service with Chela Davison

27 – Self-As-Instrument. Work-As-Service with Chela Davison

Self-As-Instrument, Work-As-Service is our second episode in the series: Guided: An exploration of the Guiding Principles that are fundamental to my business and body of work. This episode dives into the question: What does it mean to be an active participant in our collective evolution? Chela explores how her own personal development and approach to work and business are a means of answering and living this question. She shares what it means to develop ourselves as the instrument of service and change and why that’s fundamental to conscious leadership. She explores various ways of relating to work and why being of service must begin with yourself to be sustainable.

Listen in, as she talks about…

  • Our human propensity to focus on threat or what’s missing and the ways in which industry in general, and the personal development industry in particular, capitalize on that.
  • The difference between approaching growth and development from a place of inadequacy versus the very human evolutionary impulse and the importance of anchoring into what we have, what’s here and sufficient as the ground for growth.
  • How opting out of assumptions of inadequacy, even when we have gaps and growth edges, is a form of rebellion against predatory marketing tactics and the exploitative nature of the capitalist machine.
  • Why being of service must begin with ourselves and what to check for to feel a sense of alignment in the service we offer.
  • How even when we’re not in an obvious leadership position, we always have an opportunity to contribute to the health of a system and what it takes to be able to do that with conscious awareness and sovereignty.

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