26 – Guided by Principles – with Chela Davison

26 – Guided by Principles – with Chela Davison

This episode is the first in a series called Guided: An exploration of the Guiding Principles that are fundamental to my business and body of work. This episode introduces the principles, philosophies and values that are key to her leadership and contribution as she helps leaders grow their capacities, carve their own paths and contribute to societal change. Listen in as she speaks about what it means to listen for and meet your calling, develop your Self-As-Instrument, navigate personal and professional growth through both an Emergent Leadership and Seasonal lens, all while imagining post-capitalist business models for our collective evolution. 

Listen in, as she shares

  • How the threads of purpose weave together over time, how hindsight and looking backwards can reveal what’s been guiding or driving you, particularly when it’s felt mysterious. 
  • The importance of embodying the philosophies and values embedded in your body of work, going beyond talking a good talk to truly living in alignment.
  • What it means to develop Self-As-Instrument, where your inner work and outer work conspire together in the pursuit and expression of a meaningful purpose or calling.
  • Emergent Leadership, braiding together what’s here and sufficient as well as what’s emerging, individually and collectively. How to play in this space for what you want to change or contribute. 
  • The relevance of seasons and life and death cycles as it pertains to our work, businesses, projects and leadership and why we really need to stop pedaling the notions of endless ascension and growth. 
  • Post-Capitalism as an inquiry, what does this mean and how might we co-create new ways of doing business and engaging with each other.  
  • Why naming and exploring the guiding principles in her work and business feel so important and why you may want to do the same. 

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