23 – Helping the Helpers – with Yvonne Ator

23 – Helping the Helpers – with Yvonne Ator

Fondly called “The Helper For Helpers and Sheepdog for Sheepdogs”, Dr. Yvonne Ator is deeply passionate about serving those who serve and lead. As the Founder of Thriving Physicians and Thriving Idealist, she equips helpers and leaders struggling with overwhelm, overwork or feeling stuck with tools and resources to master themselves so they can live authentically and serve to their fullest potential. Yvonne shares how to nurture yourself to better show up for others and for yourself, and the foundational skills required to lead mission aligned businesses. She also cautions the dangers and consequences of not setting boundaries and asking for what you need.

Listen in while they talk about:

  • The very real and lonely reality for so many who are in helping roles and the importance of looking out for the helpers, looking out for those who show up as capable.
  • What she learned through training with a Navy Seal and the surprising qualities this training fortified in how to lead and support the helpers.
  • The unrealistic expectation of striving for a “balanced” life, the negative repercussions of compartilizing areas of your life and what to potentially build toward instead.
  • How knowing and owning your wants and needs are the precursor to being able to build mutual respect with those in your life and establish standards and expectations in your relational dynamics.
  • The foundational skills of setting boundaries and asking for what you need to give yourself agency and empowerment, how crucial this is bringing your full humanity to work.
  • Importance of implementing systems and tools to address your needs and fill your cup, when you’re a giver, to better serve others and show up for others and yourself without the feeling of resentment.

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Yvonne’s Collaborative Book: Thinking about quitting medicine?

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Seeker. Mother. Idealist. Humanitarian. Musician. Coach. Writer. Physician. Author. Activist.

British-born, raised in Nigeria and the United States, Yvonne Ator is the quintessential idealistic, eclectic, third-cultured Renaissance woman. A wife and mother seeking balance in a driven profession with training as a physician and a master of public health, she soon found herself burned out and disillusioned with a life that was not aligned with her ideals.

Self-described as the “imaginary love-child of Schweitzer and Oprah”, she embarked on a quest to discover what it would take to thrive while living her ideals and making a positive impact in the world. As a Certified Daring Way Facilitator and Certified Personal, Leadership and Executive coach in Positive Psychology, Trained in Unbeatable Mind Coaching, she is passionate about using writing, music, speaking, coaching and facilitation to inspire a global tribe of Thriving Idealists to “live your ideals, thrive in your calling and change the world.”

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