22 – Realize Your Calling – with Chela Davison

22 – Realize Your Calling – with Chela Davison

In this episode, Chela explores what it means to have and realize your Calling, how to be in an emergent relationship with your life’s work that allows it and you to evolve over time. She shares the four cornerstones of a fulfilling and sustainable Vocational Calling and how to check for greater alignment with purpose. She also cautions against some of the cultural traps around rises in spiritual materialism and the dangers of commodifying our gifts and passion, while also the necessity of ensuring that you’re being paid and are in regenerative cycles to prevent burn out and build new cultures around work.

Listen in as she shares:

  • How to listen and act when our callings are asking us to take up the work of stewardship, of impact, of bringing our passions, and our genius to what the world needs.
  • The wisdom that comes by looking backward and how this can help give language to what we’re called to do, called to lead, called to express or offer. 
  • Four key cornerstones of a satisfying vocational calling, how to assess if you’re meeting those and what to consider if you’re not. She also shares her own personal journey with this and what she’s been creating and offering. 
  • The dangers of internalizing certain cultural narratives and how that can thwart truly heeding, meeting and realizing your calling. 
  • The value of taking stock and tuning into where there’s ‘what’s next’ budding that you don’t have a concrete vision for yet,  and feeling for what may need to be burned in order for that clarity to come.
  • If we want to embody new ways of being, to develop new belief systems and behaviours and whole ways of engaging with the world that actually let go of old conditioning and painful patterns, we also have to let go of what those conditioning and personal patterns have been doing for us. Why that’s terrifying and necessary.

References in this Episode:

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