19 – Liberation through Feminine Leadership with Shannon Thompson

19 – Liberation through Feminine Leadership with Shannon Thompson

Shannon Thompson is the Founder/Visionary Director and Birth Mama of the social change organization, Shakti Rising, an expert in the field of addiction, recovery and leadership development and a highly sought after facilitator and consultant of interpersonal dynamics, leadership cultivation, and sustainable healing practices. This episode explores the power of feminine leadership and how to create coherence to be a fractal of  healing, decolonization, and liberation as a leader and human. They explore the notion and characteristics of the modern leader and how it is impacting our society and relationships with Self, other and the Earth.

Listen in while they talk about:

  • The skewed approach to modern leadership, from adopting the faulty and historically modeled notions of what it means to be a leader to devaluing our worth and how this leads to and perpetuates systemic inequity.
  • How those of us entrenched in the western dominant culture are going against our natural instincts as humans and forcing a way of being that challenges our authenticity and prevents liberation.
  • The constant and disturbing need to outsource our agency, our knowingness about everything, our health, and our bodies for economic gains and the importance of contributing to and receiving from the commons.
  • The cyclical patterns of oppression and the ways trauma gets encoded into our brains and bodies, perpetuating oppressive inculturation and what work needs to be done to not repeat these cycles.
  • The importance of interdependence and the role your unique gifts play within your community as a leader.
  • The pragmatic and mystical nature of cohesive ecosystems and how embodying feminine leadership is coming back to nature, embracing our inherently collaborative expressions, including both process and outcome and moving beyond either/or.
  • The danger of leading only from our minds. We know so many things in our being and our minds can be fooled. How by bringing together our holistic and multidimensional parts, we have so much more access to wisdom to lead from.

More from Shannon:

Shakti Rising is an alchemical journey wherein one’s inner healing and service to the world join together. Their work actively promotes community well-being and creating women & child friendly societies that are safe, sustainable, and culturally alive; with a mission to create social change by invoking transformation that empowers women to uncover, rediscover, and reclaim their whole selves.

They lift women up, in part, by offering deep-diving, soul-propelling courses throughout the entire year to participants worldwide with classes such as the upcoming Salt of the Earth – an 8-week journey of creating strengthened emotional and spiritual health and impactful practices that align body, heart, mind, and Spirit. 

Another offering is Wild She, Wild We, a high-demand online soul recovery course currently being taught by founder, Shannon Thompson, herself, that’s crafted for women leaders; helping them to network, become resourced, and learn to do the work that’s necessary for these times. 

Shannon also offers consulting services for organization leaders from a truly embodied feminine living systems perspective. Customized coaching, training, and retreats are based on the individual needs of the organization and grounded in their business and therapeutic models, integrating transformation into the workplace.

Soul Recovery is perhaps the greatest need and longing of our time, and Shakti Rising is providing the tools, resources, and support to help guide us all through. 

Explore their course offerings, schedule a call to get Shakti models incorporated in your own business, or learn of other ways to get involved through the links below:

Calendar of Events
Shakti’s website

About Shannon:

Shannon Thompson is a way-maker and systems-disruptor. She’s the Founder/Visionary Director and Birth Mama of the social change organization, Shakti Rising, and a highly sought after facilitator and consultant of interpersonal dynamics, leadership cultivation, and sustainable healing practices. For over 30 years she has dedicated her soul work to helping others overcome addiction, trauma, and oppression; lifting women up and building bridges toward a more intentional and tangible vision of revolution. 

Shannon moves between worlds, understanding the importance of both mysticism and strategy, and she loves to learn from her garden and nature. She loves and she thrives, and she isn’t afraid to share who she is and how she’s changing the game.

Find Shannon here:

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/shaktirising/
FB Page: https://www.facebook.com/shaktisrising/
Website: https://www.shaktirising.org/

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