17 – The Wisdom of Resistance – with Chela Davison

17 – The Wisdom of Resistance – with Chela Davison

This solo jam dives into the nature and wisdom of resistance, whether it’s the voice in your head stopping you from pursuing an exciting but terrifying project or recurring behavioural patterns preventing you from taking action on things you know are good for you. Chela explores the most common resistance patterns, how to embrace change and tap into the hidden wisdom of our resistance. She explores the teachings of resistance, how it can challenge our identity and invites us to cultivate  a greater sense of trust in ourselves to overcome or move beyond it.

Listen in as she shares…

  • The nature of resistance as a response to change, how it can be a self-sabotage mechanism and also a teacher. 
  • My own personal self-sabotage patterns, how they felt like something I should just be able to ‘get over’ but why it’s so hard. If you’ve ever felt like you should be over something by now, this is for you.
  • The wisdom resistance has to bring, challenging the tendency to pathologize or make the experience of resistance wrong. We’ll explore the hidden lessons and possibilities that may be right in front of you.
  • How Resistance may be showing up in the midst of adjusting to the pandemic. Why coping is so much harder in times of disruption. If you’ve been being hard on yourself, you’ll want to listen to this!
  • The importance of cultivating Self Trust so that you can meet, heed and navigate resistance with skill, compassion and grace. The difference between resistance that’s trying to tell us something, that’s sharpening our discernment vs resistance that we see as an ongoing pattern that is holding us back. 
  • The value of self awareness and knowing ourselves and our tendencies. How identities or stories that we have about ourselves can create, inflame or trigger a resistance pattern and what to consider or do to get free of it.  
  • And! I share a new epiphany I had through the creation of my Navigating Resistance Course. I bawled my eyes out at this one.  

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