14 – Emergence, Eros & Village with Ian MacKenzie

14 – Emergence, Eros & Village with Ian MacKenzie

How do we move coherently amongst each other, but all empowered in our gifts? This is just one of the questions brought forward by Ian MacKenzie, filmmaker and visionary artist, host of the Mythic Masculine Podcast and creator of the Mythic Masculine Network. The episode begins exploring the intersection of Ian’s work described as emergence, eros & village. They explore leadership as a means to empower the gifts of others to come forward and the notion and practice of Communitarianism: You are only able to fully thrive and become yourself in a shared trust field with other people who care about you deeply.

Listen in while they talk about:

  • Filmmaking as a medium for change, what can be expressed and evoked through this medium and why it’s so effective.
  • How life wants to create life and how we need to and can create proper pathways for energies to flow.
  • Emergence as a viable pathway of understanding great system change in a short time, both as a way and as a lens.
  • Ian’s collective field experiment, living with 8 others in a 3 month, dedicated practice space in the home. What they’re drawing on to engage this experiment and what it allows for in the collective field.
  • The value of being given the opportunity to share our life stories, to intentionally create spaces of somatic trust and belonging and how this fuels the natural tendency to want to move toward healing.
  • How not being in competition with each other for our gifts allows life to properly orient us, and how to further become better tuning forks for life’s organization, such that we can move with what’s emerging and what’s wanted from us. 
  • Why we don’t need hope to meaningfully proceed in this time, and how hope can become the enemy of the ability to actually be with dying.

Referenced in this Episode:

Films by Velcrow Ripper:
Scared Sacred
Fierce Light
Occupy Love

Book by Charles Eisenstein : Sacred Economics: Money, Gift, and Society in the Age of Transition

Tamera Peace Research and Education Center

Film by Tim Wilson:
The Griefwalker


More from Ian:

The Mythic Masculine Podcast weaves together contemporary conversations on mythology, culture and emerging masculinities. From the fringes of next culture to the rising of indigenous voices, this podcast expands the ecosystem of imagination on what is men’s work, and how we might move toward a more holistic future.

The Mythic Masculine Network  a unique and dynamic online community gathering around Ian’s podcast.

About Ian:

Ian MacKenzie is a filmmaker and visionary artist whose work sits at the intersection of eros, emergence, and village. For more than 11 years, he has been tracking the global emergence of new culture and seeking out and amplifying the voices of other fellow visionaries, new paradigm thinkers, artists, and activists who have been working towards planetary system change. He has studied with Stephen Jenkinson at his Orphan Wisdom School, as well as Tamera Healing Biotope in Portugal.

Find Ian here:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ianmackenz
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