13 – The Poetry of Practice with Brooke McNamara

13 – The Poetry of Practice with Brooke McNamara

Brooke McNamara, MFA, is a poet, dance-theater artist, teacher, and ordained Zen monk. She has published two books of poems: Bury the Seed (2020) and Feed Your Vow and is the creator and instructor of multiple online courses. 

She is most passionate about creating and tending genuine + diverse practice spaces and models this very capacity in this episode.  We move from dialogue to practice together and invite you as listener to practice alongside. Brooke brings such heart and depth to this space, expect to be inspired and deeply nourished by this evocative conversation, the poetry of practice and the practice of poetry.

Listen in while they talk about:

  • Dance, poetry and zen as embodiment training for leadership.
  • Listening to the collective and what’s wanted in the ‘field’ as a guide for when to step in and lead and when to invite the leadership and voice of others. 
  • How relational feedback systems can grow our attuned capacities.
  • Cultivating sacred practice spaces. Experience the way Brooke leads and creates spaces for practice as she leads us through and experiential practice in this very episode.
  • Receive the sweet nourishment of poetry and connection to self and that which is unseen.

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About Brooke:

Brooke McNamara, MFA, is a poet, dance-theater artist, teacher, and ordained Zen monk. She has published two books of poems: Bury the Seed (2020) and Feed Your Vow (2015). For her poetry, she is the recipient of the Charles B. Palmer prize from the Academy of American Poets. Brooke has taught at Naropa University in Yoga Studies and at the University of Colorado, Boulder in Dance, and she is co-director with Lauren Beale of Eunice Embodiment, an organization that offers cutting edge performances, embodiment education, and creative practice workshops and retreats. Brooke is creator and instructor of the online courses Write to the Heart of MotherhoodSummoning the Unseen, Cultivate: Creative Practice (with Lauren Beale), and Women’s Ritual of Renewal (with Lisa Gibson). She is a long-time Zen student of Diane Musho Hamilton, Roshi, and empowered as a senior monk. Brooke lives with her husband, Rob, and their two wild, adorable sons, Lundin and Orion.

Find Brooke here:

Facebook – www.facebook.com/elfsolutionsinc
Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/brooke.mcnamara.poetry/
Website – www.BrookeMcNamara.com

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