10 – Leading while Suffering

10 – Leading while Suffering

This solo jam dives into the nature of suffering, from the small day to day grievances to the huge themes and challenges we’re navigating as human beings. Chela explores our relationship with aspirations, pain and the resistance of reality as the seat of suffering. She shares her learning of why radical acceptance of what is, is the first step in being able to change what’s unacceptable. How do we lead and take responsibility for the change we seek and do that in the fullness of our pained, broken and suffering selves?

Listen in as she shares…

How to name and honour your own suffering, especially when it pales in comparison to other people. We do not need to enter the suffering olympics with each other. We can honour what’s hard + where the blessings are.

How we may lead even when we’re broken, how we can attend to and alleviate our own suffering in the midst of showing up for causes that are greater than us- not as martyrs, but navigating the both/and of taking care of ourselves and taking care of what’s beyond us and matters to us. 

What the commodification of everything, and capitalism more generally, has to do with our conditioning that we must be good, beautiful and successful and how this inhibits our ability to embrace and navigate reality wholeheartedly. 

Being a student in wisdom traditions and observing the phenomenon and ways in which the resistance of reality (craving, aversion + attachment) generate suffering and thwart our ability to pursue meaningful change. 

How the drive to alleviate suffering, for others and in the world, can actually magnify our own. Alleviating suffering begins with ourselves. 

The paradox of accepting the unacceptable as the foundation of changing the unacceptable.

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