06 – Rooted & Embodied Liberation with Karine Bell

06 – Rooted & Embodied Liberation with Karine Bell

Karine Bell is a somatics, embodiment & mindfulness teacher dedicated to healing through the body. We explore the converging threads of history and identity that’s brought Karine to forming and leading an emergent embodied healing community called Rooted. We explore the ways our pain and trauma are not only doorways to healing, but can be the very catalyst for encountering and pursuing our calling. Karine shares the hot and messy edges of what it’s like to lead from a vision for individual and communal liberation, with a collective, when you have no idea how you’re going to make it happen. She’s IN IT.

Listen in while they talk about:

  • The ways experiences shape our identities and our calling. Trauma as doorways to healing, knowledge and one’s unique gifts.
  • The roles ancestral knowledge and relationship may have in our individual and collective healing.
  • The heat and challenge of leading from a place of emergence and into the unknown.
  • Working with and being mentored by Resmaa Menakem and the year long study group of his book My Grandmother’s Hands.
  • Including perspectives and experiences in collaborative spaces, while riding the razer edge of when to seek consensus and when to make a call.
  • Karine shares her own current leadership edges as she endeavours to bring humility and curiosity to leading an initiative that’s growing in momentum and scope.

More from Karine:

For more about her membership, Rooted and work with Resmaa Menakem 

About Karine:

Karine Bell is a somatics, embodiment & mindfulness teacher dedicated to healing through the body.  A bi-cultural black woman, she’s also a cultural anthropologist and somatic abolitionist fascinated by the intersection of where our bodies/minds/experiences meet our collective histories, and the evolution of ideas that shape the cultures we grow up within and the cultural narratives that impact how we come to know ourselves.  She believes deeply in the healing made possible at the individual and collective level by the work we do through transforming experience in our bodies today.

Find Karine here:

Website: www.rootedandembodied.comLinkedInhttps://www.linkedin.com/in/karine-bell-49031b173/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/embodiedtraumaeducation/
Instagram: @karinebellFrom this episode:

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