02 – Leadership as Followship – with Rachael Maddox

02 – Leadership as Followship – with Rachael Maddox

In this episode of What is Leadership? Chela speaks with Rachael Maddox, trauma resolution educator, author, coach and guide. Chela and Rachael jam on as dominant leadership approaches of being in charge and control, the presumption that we need to know and lead from that knowing. Rachael shares the importance of receptivity, co-creation and adaptability, hierarchy and its role inside of cooperation. 

They look at what it means to lead from a place of sovereignty and why aligning with your own needs and health first is crucial. They also touch on the idea of moving from competition as means to winning and securing safety to cooperation, sharing the responsibility, and trusting in everyone’s unique roles.

Rachael gives us a compelling metaphor of a beehive. “There’s a queen. She’s laying all the eggs, super producing. She gets more support. Has a whole team. Doing a job that only she can do- but so is everyone”.

Listen in as they talk about…

  • Shifting away from being in charge and knowing as the primary way of leading
  • The links between leadership and white supremacy. 
  • How to take care of yourself first without bypassing.
  • Bottom up and top down leadership both through receptivity.
  • The power of nature in modeling sustainable leadership approaches
  • Getting to the core of what’s needed for sovereign leadership.

Thank you Rachael for coming on and offering us your wisdom and experience! You can find more of Rachael’s work at her website rachaelmaddox.com. You can also pre-order her upcoming book ReBloom: A Soulful System for Post-Traumatic Growth in Sex, Love and Society.

More from Rachael:

Free Embodied Trust Meditation: http://rachaelmaddox.com/trust/
Free ConSensual Sales Class: rachaelmaddox.com/sales

About Rachael:

Rachael Maddox is a trauma resolution educator, author, coach and guide who’s helped hundreds of humans move from sexual, complex or developmental trauma into pleasure, power and trust-filled relationships. Author of Secret Bad Girl: A Sexual Trauma Memoir and Resolution Guide, and the upcoming book ReBloom: A Soulful System for Post-Traumatic Growth in Sex, Love and Society – Rachael uses stories and earth-based metaphor to weave together healing methods that are accessible, safe, fun and effective. Known as a leader in the industry, Rachael teaches and mentors experienced coaches, healers and therapists in her year-long trauma resolution program: the ReBloom Coach Training.

Find Rachael here:
Instagram: @rachaelmaddox

From this episode:

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