Dear Chela: How do I do the thing I’m resisting most? (also…this episode goes sideways. Oops…)

Things go a little to crap here folks. Foiled by my adolescent sense of humour and the first-take-no-edits promise! But when I do get it together, I offer some practical tips to getting into the thing you’re resisting. While this episode of Dear Chela looks specifically at how to establish a regular yoga practice in the face of some ‘maybe I’ll do it tomorrow‘ inner negotiations, it can apply to whatever you’ve been putting off. May it be useful.

Got some tips of your own? How does this advice land for you? I’d love to hear from you in the comments. And if this resonates (or you just like watching me embarrass myself,) share this puppy around!

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  1. Paula says:

    I could have written this question! In fact, at first I thought I did. And your response was genuinely helpful – no second takes? really? the “poop” wasn’t scripted? 😉 You don’t know how inspiring it is to see a real woman, really sharing what she knows in a real setting. This authenticity (and getting through resistance to do yoga) will change the world. Thanks!

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