Dear Chela: How do I stop fear from running my business?

Fear wants to run the show when we start new projects, like a business. Even a change in career or lifestyle can be scary. We think that we shouldn’t have fear or that we can make it go away, which just isn’t the case. So how do we work with fear when starting something new? This Dear Chela episode explores some specific strategies and mindsets I use on a regular basis to stay grounded and connected to my vision.

And tell me: What do you do when fear rises? Relating to one another is incredibly helpful and supportive. Meet me in the comments and share your insights and practices concerning fear.


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  1. Scarlett B says:

    Thanks for the Blog post you wrote today and this as well. I love the ‘ceiling/floor’ analogy. Exactly how things in the past have become foundation for today. It helps me to have confidence to ‘fly’ in my new venture. Even though it is not totally clear to me.

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