Dear Chela: The Overwhelm of Life is Killing my Creativity. Help!

Raise your hand if the day to day grind is sucking all of the energy you’d like to give to a creative vision!

I see hands!!! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had a creative project (read: piece of writing,) that I’ve totally wanted to devote some attention to but other priorities get in the way. For me, it’s always something I want to create that’s a little scarier than usual, or will take some time to really wade through. While I do engage my own creativity on the regular, there is always something nipping at me that gets bumped by the commitments and deadlines of the rest of life.

Does this resonate for you? Then definitely watch this episode of Dear Chela as we dive into some of the blocks to getting to what you most want to create and some simple steps to move you in that direction.

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