Dear Chela: How do I market myself without being pushy?

Lots of marketing questions rolling in lately. I can see why. Marketing is a vast topic. The fear of being pushy or overbearing or turning people off seems to be a big one. I’m wondering if this has a lot less to do with learning tips and strategies than it does to uncovering what aligned and authentic expression feels like for you and your offering. In this Dear Chela I share about my own relationship to my life’s work being about far more than closing a sale and how to feel your way through a marketing strategy instead of figuring it out. Let’s jam.

As usual, if you want to add your insights to the pot, I’d love to hear from you and if you have a question of your own, hit me up here.

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  1. Am I in love with what I am putting out there? Ohhh yes, that is my new go-to question with all I share and do. I adore this advice!!! As an introverted person, it’s always a good for me to gut check to ask myself whether I’d bring up what I am sharing with a dear friend, and then go from there with my wording and energy. Doing this gut check helps me to remember that I am reaching my real live people, not just avatars or icons. Thank you for doing what you do, Chela, I really appreciate your work!

  2. Janelle says:

    This is so helpful. I love what you said about being in love with the content I put out there. This is a very clarifying guide to how and what I write and where to tune in.

    Thank you for all the work you do!

  3. I loved this video so much I watched it twice to make sure I hadn’t missed anything. AND took notes. Particular favourite was thinking about the one person who is *already hungry* for what I have (or one of my clients has) to offer.

    A question: when it comes to contact, what do you feel about the importance of certain (and I hate to use this word, but…) “rules” of sales copy? For example, making sure you include Pain Points (so your guys know you get them) and benefits; making sure you’re using their language of where they are because they might not be where *you are.

    Would love thoughts from anyone!

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