Dear Chela: How do I know when to leap and when to listen to sound logic?

Have you ever made a leap and it turned out awesome? What about when you’ve landed flat on your face? Play it safe or take a risk. Let’s look at how to know which impulse to follow! Fear, state chasing, wisdom and intuition – sometimes all of these subtle elements can be whirling around in us at the same time. In this Dear Chela episode, I make the distinction between the energy of possibility and grasping for potential.

Now to you. What have you noticed as patterns or themes? Do you feel it in your body? How so?

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  1. JJ says:


    This was truly helpful… I’m really stuck in decision paralysis right now for all of the discussed reasons. I feel a lot of confusion around knowing what is fear, what is truth, what it avoidance, what I truly want and need.

    I’m going to watch this over again and try to dig deeper. I’m also manifesting the funds to be able to consult with you one on one.

    Until then, thank you for sharing your brilliance.

    – JJ

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