Dear Chela – How can I put my work away at night knowing I’ve done enough?

Does anyone feel their self worth tied to what they accomplish in a day? I have a feeling a few million of you relate. So, we intentionally create boundaries and implement rhythms of when we work and when we rest, right? Sometimes our rules actually bump against our real rhythms, which results in us feeling wrong no matter what. This Dear Chela episode pulls apart some assumptions about work and self worth.

In the video, I told you I’d dig up some practices that might help here. I found some!

I designed a 5-week free practice called “Maybe I Don’t Need to Work So Hard” that could help uncover how and why we work the way we do and takes a look at our ideas of sufficiency.

I’ve also written about discovering your natural rhythms, which I think would be helpful in really uncovering what will work for you.

Some deeper digging may be helpful when considering how we tie our self worth to our accomplishments and productivity. The practice How Do You Know You’re Worthless can guide you on that.

Taking some time to practice Acknowledging Completion will be helpful.

And now to you: Are there any rules you’ve created in your own life that need some more exploration? Let me know in the comments below.

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