Dear Chela: Where do I focus when in new and overwhelming territory?

Not sure which way is up when you’re in a new place? Navigating unknown territory can be incredibly disorienting. What do you anchor into to help you know what to focus on when everything feels new and uncertain. In this Dear Chela, I lay out some advice for navigating the new.

How do you navigate unknown territory?  Have any advice?  Join us in the comments.

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  1. Paula says:

    Thanks for answering a question that I have had, but have not been able to formulate! I appreciate the gentleness you suggest – allowing room for mistakes, time to work on new skills, and sleep! So often we forget that our brains and bodies need rest when we do new things – a good comparison here (for me) is when I am in situations where another language is spoken and I need to concentrate to understand and focus on what’s being said. I get so tired and need exactly the sleep and space you mention here. Nice.

  2. Love it! Anchor in what you’ve got, and what you can bring to it. Felt immediatly empowered by that, as I so often feel overwhelmed by what I CAN’T, or possibly can’t, offer. So simple, but really meaingful. Thanks Che. xo

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