Dear Chela: How can I be fully me in a world that doesn’t support it?

If you feel like you’re expanding out to the whole world, feeling fully on purpose, taking it up a level, reaching out further and then, contracting to that squeezing, tight space of overwhelm when we run out of energy and resources – I’m with you.

How could we possibly bring more compassion and help to a world that’s very structures and systems don’t support or value that? I know we won’t get it from those systems and structures. In this Dear Chela episode I talk about a few ways we can start to identify what we most fundamentally need.

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  1. D says:

    I don’t have anything practical to suggest. And
    Thank you for your struggle, C(K?)athy(ie?). (And everyone else in a similar struggle.) Thank you for being willing to create a solution for yourself to expand in and from this tight space. Thank you for not separating from your compassion. All that is part of your impact on the world. Please do not undervalue it. Please allow yourself to see the big picture of your navigating this terrain. Sustained creative movement from the current designed systems to more life affirming designed systems requires people-many people-to within the broken systems figure out ways give all their gifts to the world. Someone not in your situation cannot possibly offer what you do. And you also already specialize in working with people, especially youth-who will make up the people in time.

  2. Yes, I agree with you about self-care and kid-care.

    I loved these two books, and this topic reminds me of them:

    – The Work by Byron Katie
    – The Power is Within You by Louise Hay

    What comes to me when I listen to this is that sometimes we can use volunteer work and helping others outside of our personal lives as an escape from our responsibilities close to us…because close to us is much, much more intimate, is in-our-faces responsibilities and reflects back to us ourselves no matter where we go—it can be painful and super uncomfortable. Out in the world, we can be the heroes during a set amount of time, from point A to B; so much easier!

    While raising kids, I’ve learned to keep life as simple as possible. And to do my outside-of-my-home passions in simple ways and only that which I can do with ease. Blogging is how I do it. And one day, I will be able to expand a ‘self-help’ business. But now isn’t the time.

    It’s been so freeing to accept that because it allows me to be at peace right where I am.


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