What does it mean to live your life as an art form? 

To knit Soulful intent into all that you make? 

In an age where digital distractions court you at every turn, where dopamine-inducing metrics seduce your attention. Where “content creation” is a productivity game, a bottomless feedbag for the algorithmic overlords, you may find yourself longing for something more…

  • A relationship with your creative expression that feels life-giving, nourishing, holy.
  • Flow states and enchantment, a deep pool you lower yourself into as a creative practice.
  • A community of people who throw around terms like devotion, soul and sacred tending as staple ingredients for creative living, steady as the morning coffee.
  • Tethers to deep time, trusting that things take as long as they take. There’s no prize for speed, there’s pride in creating something that hones your craft along the way.

Join me and a collective of makers while we court the muse and infuse 

inspired intent into how we approach our work and art.

Courting the Muse: Thursday April 11, 9am – 11am Pacific.

Come for the workshop, stay for the creative practice!


From 9 am – 10 am I’ll guide you through prompts and practices, connections and courtship with creative energies that most want to come through you. In this hour-long workshop, you will:

    • Encounter the Soul of your art and the truth of your creative longings. Then you’ll validate the heck out of them!
    • Release stagnant, heavy or negative feelings about where you are or aren’t with your creative work.

    • Connect with and hear from others. Normalize and find solidarity in the bumps, resistance and challenges of nurturing a creative life.

    • Uncover what structure, support, ritual or practice you uniquely need to court the muse and make the art that’s yours to make.


From 10 am – 11 am experience the magic of the Creative Cauldron Co-Creating Sessions!

During this hour, you will focus on a creative project within a shared field of other makers doing the same. I’ll guide you through a practice to conjure the muse and get you in the groove to make your chosen art.


Come for the full two hours (workshop and co-creating session) or join for whichever hour you like. There won’t be a recording because the whole point of this is about showing up for our art!

  • Hi! I'm Chela

    I’m a writer, aspiring author and performer. Eeep. That’s the identity I’m growing into and cultivating in this Creative Community of Practice. I just wrote a one-woman show (during the Creative Cauldron Co-Creating Sessions!) that I’m obsessed with and an accompanying publication called A Little Bit Much.

    My expertise and professional genius is as an Integral Master Coach™ working with socially conscious entrepreneurs, creatives, and practitioners. I help people align their Soul’s call with their work and impact in the world. I’ve been doing this for over 15 years and have created a robust body of work, serving thousands of clients around the globe.

    I offer coaching, programs and communities of practice for folks to do the deep work they’re here to do. I live on the unceded territories of the Squamish Nation in British Columbia Canada with my husband, two sons, one dog and six hilarious chickens. I like you. I look forward to gathering with you and tending to our art together. 

    Meet Your Calling – Introducing Chela – for Courting The Muse