Confusion To Clarity. Tell The Truth. (Part 2 of 4 week series)

It seems to me that most people spend more energy reacting to what’s happening than they do facing, accepting and responding to reality.

For those of us who’ve got some fire to make something happen in the world, it can be a bit of a habit to filter things through the lens of ‘how it should be’, ‘how I want it to be’ or ‘how I should be.’

To be fair, seeing the world and ourselves as we could be and not as we are, is part of what makes a visionary. The only trouble with that is that we have to start where we are.

Being able to recognize what’s happening around us is imperative to knowing our part in it and gaining clarity around where we’re going. So is telling the truth, at least to ourselves, about who we are and what our experience is (not who we think we should be or how we should feel.)

Last week’s practice (week 1), looked at waking up to your relationship to confusion and working with navigating to fog.

This practice is about naming what’s real, telling the truth. Not in some dramatic and difficult way, but simply being present to what is. Check it out:

Practice: Throughout the day, pay attention to naming what’s true, you’ll be doing this in a couple of ways.

Simply name what you see, out there around you, that which is objectively true (not your opinion about what’s happening, but what’s actually happening.)

You’re also going to name what’s happening in your direct, inner experience. You’re naming for yourself what’s true in your experience. This may be your emotions, it may be your energy or bodily sensation or the rhythm of your thoughts.

Reflection: At the end of the week, take some time to jot down answers to the following questions based on what you noticed around you and within your experience:

1. What parts of my experience can I most readily name and accept?

2. What parts of my experience are more challenging for me to name and accept and why?

3. What am I becoming more aware of or what is opening up for me as I pay attention to what’s true around me and within me?

Next week, we’ll work with what’s build off of this, so if you’re all ‘what’s the point, how does this help me clarify what I want to do with my precious time and energy!?’ We’ll get there, love, we’ll get there!

See you next week!



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