Confusion To Clarity (Part 3 of 4 week series)

Having a calling, pursuing your purpose or really feeling aligned with what you’re up to in the world is about far more than simply what you ‘do’. It’s about how who you are, what you stand for, what gifts you’ve got to bring to the table, what’s needed from you, for the world, all come together.

This four week practice series started with looking at confusion, in week 1 and telling the truth, in week 2. Since I have a little habit of stealing my client’s practices and trying them myself to see what opens up, I’ve been doing this along with you. This post has two videos in it. The first is about my own personal experience and findings with the first two practices, the second is practice 3. I figured it may be helpful for some expanded context and perspective. Watch below (you’ll note that these videos cut abruptly at the end.  Our apologies.  Tech fun had by all 🙂 )

This next video is about practice number 3, exploring the truth of your inner and outer world to find where alignment happens and something really matters to you. We’re looking for what you stand for. The content of what that is doesn’t matter as much as truly feeling it and in this practice we don’t look at what to do with it, we simply pay attention to and name our stand. Watch and explore with me.

Practice: Do this practice throughout the day, drawing on your findings from practice two. Since you’ve been practicing with observing your outer and inner worlds, you’re more aware of what you notice, what you’re drawn to and what your interior responses and experiences are. Notice moments when these come together and you note that something really matters to you. In those moments, name for yourself what you stand for, what matters. Again, you’re not trying to figure out what to do about it, just notice that you have a stand in the matter and take a body posture, even for just a moment or a breath and allow yourself to feel and register that stand.

Next week, we’ll look at how to engage in action with what you’re practicing.

Have a great week!



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