Confusion to Clarity. Let’s Go. (Practice #1 of 4-part series)

There’s a lot to keep track of these days isn’t there? From what to make for dinner to what to do with the rest of your life. What are you supposed to do when fog takes over? Or when the vast options create paralysis analysis? Or when you’re not certain where to start or what to do? How can you start to cut through the confusion and get traction toward being who you really are, and doing what you’re meant to do?

Mind if I take a stab at it?

This practice is the first of a four week mini-program to help you clear the confusion, name your truth and get you some traction toward what you really stand for. Watch the video and begin exploring how you experience and approach uncertainty and confusion.

Practice: Do this practice every day for a week. Pay attention to moments when you feel confused or uncertain. Maybe you don’t know what to do or are deliberating between various options. Maybe you are telling yourself ‘I don’t know’.

In these moments of confusion or ‘I don’t know’, stop and ask yourself: What is unknown right now?

Pay attention to how you’re trying to resolve what it unknown. What are you paying attention? What are you trying to figure out or who or what are you referencing?

Reflection Question: Write down your answers each day, specific to these moments. Writing them down will really help you to ground your awareness and you’ll be reading it back at the end of the week.

1. What am I considering, paying attention to or checking for to gain clarity or right direction?

2. What do I know to be true?

3. What, if any, emotion is my confusion masking?

At the end of the week, read back through your answers to those daily questions and then reflect on the following:

1. What considerations tend to cloud my clarity or throw me off centre?

2. What considerations or questions bring me closer to the truth?

3. What do I tend to use ‘being confused’, to not take responsibility for?

I hope this gives you some insights to play with and even some clarity. We’ll circle back in a week to take a look at your knowing and truth.




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