Confusion to Clarity. Expressing Qualities of Your Stand (part 4 of 4)

One of the ‘complaints about self’ that I hear the most is ‘I know what to do, but for some reason, I just don’t do it.’ This goes along with ‘If I just had clarity about what to do, I could take some action.’ Let us not underestimate how challenging it actually is to get into alignment and stay there with our actions. There is much vying for our attention at every turn and it can be downright terrifying to do work that matters to us, particularly when the outcome is unknown.

If you’ve not yet worked with week 1 on confusion, week 2 on truth telling or week 3 on your stand, start there.

This week’s practice, part 4 of our 4-week practice series, explores how to approach taking steps toward alignment with what we’re most called to do in a way that works with where you are (rather than trying to leap to the fulfillment of a far away vision.) Take a look…


Practice: There are two parts and they begin with an investigation of where your time and energy is going relative to what you’ve said you stand for in practice 3.

First, as you pay attention to what you’re spending your time and energy on, notice if you’re spending any of it on something that is in conflict with what you say you stand for, or at the very least are not in service of. While breaking long standing habits aren’t easy, becoming aware of how you’re spending your time energy is the first piece of choosing a different direction, of doing a little less of that which isn’t serving what you stand for or are called to do.

The second part of this practice is to take one action per day that’s an expression of one of the qualities that you stand for. So while you may have a grand vision for a particular result you want to produce, you’re not trying to go conquer the world each day, but rather you’re paying attention to what qualities are expressed in the stand you want to take and each day, find ways to express that quality.

I hope this practice series has been helpful for you.


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