Comparison + Envy Getting You Down? Weekly Practice

This is for anyone out there who’s ever compared themselves to someone else, decided that what the other has is better than what they have and then was left feeling shitty about themselves.

So…I guess this is for everyone? Maybe not. Some people experience envy a lot more than others. Some experience themselves as the object of the envy from others. Whichever camp you’re in, neither feel that great.

But envy can be a total gift and this week’s practice looks at how to use your experience of envy as a catalyst for your deepest, richest and most radiant expression in the world. Instead of contracting with inadequacy, open into who you really are and who you most want to become.

Click on the video below to hear more. While you may envy the setting I’m in, you won’t envy the sunburn.

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The Practice: First, distinguish between the ‘object’ you envy and the quality that’s beneath it. (If they’ve got a hot body-part you wish you had, what is the quality that that body-part expresses? Is it radiance? Sexiness? Health? Don’t focus on the body-part, focus on the quality expressed by it.)

Once you’ve distinguished the quality, feel the existence of that quality within yourself. Notice ways in which it’s expressed and notice ways in which you feel dissociated or cut off from this quality, or ways in which it’s dormant in you.

Practice with this by looking for moments in your day to day when you can bring more of this quality to life, where you may nurture it and express it more fully.



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  1. Ashley Kung says:

    I can’t believe nobody has commented on this. I read this article and watched this video back when you first posted it. And I’ve come back to it again and again because the practice is so empowering. I happened to think of it again today, and it reminded me to adopt the practice once again. THANK YOU!

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