You’re seeking to uproot some old ways by expanding your capacities and impact in areas that deeply matter to you. And you don’t want cookie cutter formulas or solutions.

This is not your first parade.  You know how to make visions reality. You’ve brought your Soul’s map and your A-game. You’ve gazed beyond your navel, done your inner work and know that it never ends. You’ve built your life’s work out of possibility, sleeves rolled up, heart open.

And now, what’s next is calling.

You’re here for the Revolution. You’re figuring out what that means to you. So am I.  If you’re looking for someone who can truly meet and understand who you are and where you’re headed, especially when it feels like a crucible, let’s connect.  I’ve been called the “midwife of genius”, the “acupuncture needle to align the Soul’s compass” and the “best spent money, despite being hella skeptical”. I’ll meet your woo-woo, your witch, your B-Corp aspirations and the ruthless reprioritization of your precious energy on behalf of what and how you’re most called to lead.  Stoked?


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Integral Insight Session

Investment: $750

Illuminating what is unseen opens doors and gateways. Lace up your shoes and let’s find that next right path to get where you’re going.

Sometimes you need clarity, reflection, mirroring or validation of what you already know to be true and right.

Sometimes you need the most loving kick in the butt to go all in on that needed change that’s been waking you up at night.

Sometimes you need someone packing practical tools and strategic swords to cut through the noise, fog or resistance.

We sort out what you need before we even jump on zoom.
Then we meet it.

Everything I stood for in life, everything I had experienced, came together. I left our session with the strongest sense of purpose I had ever known, and the clarity that had been eluding me for over a year of sitting on my idea.” – Özlem Beldan

This is a one-time 90-minute session. Prior to our time you’ll dive into questions that have been carefully crafted to reveal what’s under the surface. Said in another way, you’ll tell me all the things!

I’ll take in and digest your world, challenges and longing. It’ll show us just the right places to start and I’ll come primed to give you my deepest listening, best insight, attention and support

During our session, we’ll shine light on the unseen, unblock what’s in the way and gain traction in the places that are most important for you to go to work on. Then we’ll create your ‘what’s next…’

You’ll go away with practices and plans to carry into a brighter future.

You’ll have new knowing and a sense of steady unfolding. Expect to go away feeling illuminated, expanded and packing practical moves for your evolution.

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Strategic Alignment Immersion

Investment: $3500

Deep dive. Align the vision, values and strategy. Leave with tangible progress, plans and practices to carry out what’s next.

You’re in the creative cauldron and need to work through the layers. From the big audacious vision, to how you’re making your decisions. You want and need to dig, wrestle and work out some moving pieces.

You want to get into the what, the how, the why and sort out that heart-pounding terror that seemingly comes out of nowhere and hijacks your focus.

“If you want to do a caliber of work that will pivot you both inward and toward your future; if you want to show the fuck up for what you came here to do and be, then this is your woman. Be prepared for it to disrupt what you think to surface what your soul or being needs.” – Shannon Thompson

This half-day, immersive strategy session brings your brilliance, vision, growth edges and support needs together with what you’re creating and carrying out in your projects, business or body of work.

Prior to the immersion, you’ll engage in practices and some initial mapping on your own, so that we both have a full picture of the territory we’ll be covering together.

During the session, we’ll get to the core of where you’re at, where you’re headed and what’s needed to actualize your vision. We’ll co-create a customized plan and path forward that takes into account your unique capacities, challenges and needs with that of your emerging ‘what’s next’ vision.

After your session, you will receive a plan that includes the strategic direction you’re taking, the details we sorted through and the practices that will help you to carry out the new vision. So you can relax and lean into your calling, clear and free.

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Integral Revolution Coaching Program

Investment: Starts at $9,200

Custom-designed coaching programs range from 4 – 9 months for what will be one of the major turning points in your lifetime and life’s work.

You’re ready to create some seismic shifts. To expand your capacities and impact, while you step into new identities and expressions of your calling. It’s exciting. But there are nebulous parts, terrifying parts, unknown edges and SOS calls.

The soul of your work has something in store for you. You’re here for it.

You know from experience that when it’s time to deepen, leap, birth or rise, that there are eye-of-needle moments, dark nights, disorienting unravelings. And there will be magical, synchronistic unfolding and coming together.

It takes faith and vulnerability to grow into the person and leader you’re becoming next. It also takes strategy, aligned intentionality and support. Soul’s compass meets feet on the ground. Sleeves rolled up and hands in prayer. Grace, grit and gratitude for the gifts that are here and the ones on their way.

Whatever stage of life you’re in, working with Chela to some extent is about growing up. Rising into. Emerging powerfully. If you’ve got a calling you can’t hold back from, but old patterns, habits or hang-ups are blocking your progress, work with Chela. You will be forever changed.” – Rachael Maddox

This program and I are here to meet you in all of who you are who you’re becoming. We engage with the Integral Coaching® Method, a highly customized, deep dive into your current and emerging ways of being. We’ll bring in a mashup of consulting, mentorship, strategic planning – customized for what you uniquely need right now.

You’ll meet your future with courage, curiosity and momentum. You’ll embody new ways of being that will profoundly alter how you do life and your life’s work.

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