Are you playing to the critics? New Coaching for the Collective Episode.

Are you just totally confident and comfy in certain contexts, but frozen, over-thinking and self-criticizing in others? Does it feel baffling that you can go from being in-the-flow, aligned and clear one minute to blank and blocked the next?

In this episode of Coaching for the Collective, we explore the phenomenon of being able to freely jam when in conversation and relationship, but how a blank page brings forth all the demons! What if they don’t like it? What if it isn’t good enough? What if this exposes me? 

Are you editing your message before you even begin? Anticipating how others will receive us is a (genius) protection mechanism to keep rejection at bay- and it doesn’t have to stop you from doing your best work.

Join Jerry and me as we explore her tender experience as a new business owner with a ton of heart to share. We touch on ways to discern your true audience, how to work with your tendency to fear judgement, and how to ride that uncomfortable edge of being seen.


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