Are You Just Scared, Or Is It Not The Right Fit? Weekly Practice

Sometimes, when I’m about to take on something new or step up in a big way, I kind of feel like shrinking, running away or barfing at the thought of actually doing it. Either that, or I just get busy and resist the heck out of doing what will move the whole thing forward.

When facing a growth move, I may find myself wondering if I’m just in terror about stepping into the unknown and up to what I’m called to do or if I’m trying to force myself to do something that just isn’t aligned with what I most want.

And since I’ve run into this dilemma at every big turn, particularly in my career, when Jen’s question came in, I figured there may be a few more of you out there asking the question:

Am I just scared or is it not the right fit?

How are we supposed to answer this question? Lots of thinking may seem like the answer, but it’s probably not. While clarity about whether something truly feels aligned or not will best come from giving it a go, a helpful capacity to have is some distinction around which part of your interior self is leading the conversation of ‘to-do or not to-do.’

Trusting yourself and which voice is speaking is a muscle you can build, so let’s dive in.

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Practice: We all have voices in our heads. If we listen closely enough, we’ll notice that they represent different aspects of ourselves. When facing a decision that you’ve got hesitance about or resistance to, identify what voices or perspectives you think might be at play. In this example, we look at the voices of: fear. The part of me that wants to grow. The part of me that knows what I’m interested in. My gut. My heart.

Take one of these voices or perspectives at a time and resting in and as this voice, write a letter in the first person, from this voice. You may find it helpful to write with a different coloured pen for each voice or change your posture or even write from a different spot.

As you do this practice, over time and over and over, you’ll start to build more intimacy with the character of these different perspectives and be able to better discern which aspects of your interior are colouring your choices.

May this serve you.




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