Map the territory of your Calling and take that next right step to make it come alive

Your Calling is not one-and-done. When new opportunities, disruptions, and transformations emerge, you may be being called to things differently.

Because your Calling evolves as you do.

  • The Align Workshop…

    Identify the Calling that’s whispering your holy name. Discover what part of it needs tending for you to fully meet that Calling. 

    Align Workshop image module (insights)

In this powerful 2-part workshop, you will:

  • Identify the Four Cornerstones of your Calling 

  • Locate where you’re in and out of alignment 

  • Uncover your greatest leverage points for intended growth  

  • Identify the mental habits sabotaging your most earnest intentions 

  • Call upon your unconscious and instinctual wisdom for direction 

  • Create practical next steps for a thriving relationship with your Calling

  • This is intimate, dynamic work, and you’ll be led by me, Chela—an Integral Master Coach, Master Certified Coach, Teacher, Writer and the Creator of the LEAD Programs.

    For over twenty years I’ve helped leaders, entrepreneurs, creatives and practitioners come into deep alignment with what they’re most called to do with their lives.

    We will gather for two consecutive days. Each day’s workshop is only an hour, but expect to enter a portal of radical self-regard for these two days. When you register, you’ll receive your traveller guide for how best to prepare for and receive the riches of this training.