Welcome. I’m Chela Davison

I’ll help you answer the call of your soul to make the meaningful impact you want to see in your life.
My work is about you, me and us, as a collective.

  • About Me

    About Me

    I’ve been called a ninja, a wizard and the midwife of genius. The acupuncture needle for the soul, the keeper of courage, and better than a mushroom trip.

    I nurture inner cultivation and outer expression on behalf of personal sovereignty and professional impact.

    I like people. I like you. I love connection and communication, especially when it’s real, raw and hilarious. I’m continually honing my craft and know my gifts are about helping others to meet their calling and unleash their genius, so that we can co-create new worlds that are just, kind, and beautiful.

Emergence is the name of the game, and when I host containers for my clients and students, they genuinely feel seen, heard and met – many at depths they’ve never experienced. I meet you with intelligence, wisdom, humour, and sensitivity no matter where you’re at and where you hope to go.

When we work together, a generative unfolding begins, and you get stronger in what you know and who you are, and discover what you may not have known needs your attention. All while being held and supported. 

We co-create a field for your most profound, most aligned gifts and leadership to come forth. 

The result? Magical things happen, and you transcend to your next level, feeling anchored in your values, collected, capable and clear.

Our Guiding Principles

My life’s work has led me to uncover five principles or knowings which guide all aspects of my life, work and where I’m headed in my service. The Guiding Principles not only guide me, but they’re also living in me as questions and explorations that I’m refining over time:

  • Self as Instrument, Work as Service


    Work as Service. Developing ourselves as an instrument of service and change is fundamental to conscious leadership. This is how we actively participate in our collective evolution.

  • Seasons as Map and Compass


    Life and death cycles show us where we are, what’s needed and what’s coming. We are not separate from nature. We are nature.

  • Interdependent Emergence


    Through braiding together our individual and collective gifts, we co-create a world we can belong to and thrive within.

  • Post-Capitalist Business


    Regenerative, collaborative models and practices to reduce harm, fuel innovation, and build community-centered economies.

  • Meet the Call


    Our fears, failures, opinions or preoccupations are of little consequence to the soul. Knowing and fulfilling our calling is about how faithfully we heed it.

Conscious Business. Emergent Leadership.

Self-as-Instrument. Co-Creative Transformation.

This world is mysterious, beautiful and miraculous. It’s also a damn mess. Call it short-sightedness, limited perspectives, greed, cruelty — there’s a lot in desperate need of an overhaul. I’m here to gather with the folks whose work is about building a new world together.

As the child of idealist boomer hippies, I was encouraged to pursue my passions, to love my work, and follow my bliss! Just do what you love, they said. The money will come, they said.

Bliss-following is not for the meek!

Thankfully, I discovered early on that I had a knack for creative innovation and leadership. The path of entrepreneurship kidnapped me. I started my first business at 19 and soon discovered that community and gathering with rad people doing great work are totally where it’s at.

My unique experiences seeded a visionary worldview, imagining a world of work where each of us could pursue our deepest calling, bring forth our talents and gifts. It’s possible to find and create work elegantly aligned with who you are and contribute to the whole.

Of course this ideal is not what most people experience when it comes to their work. The pressure. The performance. The injustices. The Barriers. The hustle. The grind. The ceilings.  The system, man!

We can do so much better. I’m faithful that we can pull it together. I’m here to lead my part.

I’m comfortable with paradox and navigating complexity. I invite the wholeness of people forward in a way that offers needed relief to my clients. It turns out people really thrive when all of who they are is welcome. I know I do.

How ‘bout you?
  • About You

    You’re a leader used to holding a lot. You’re at the exciting yet nerve-wracking forefront of your mission and craft. You’re pushing the edges of your development in nuanced ways.

    I sense that it’s rare for you to find people who can truly see, meet and hold you in all your expanse, depth and experience.

    You’re searching for a peer and fellow traveller who can listen for the notes of your Soul’s song and help guide your integrated business strategy.

    About You

You’re seeking someone who knows that values alignment is your love language.

Someone who understands that while you’re driven, you’re allergic to performative 10-step strategies and the capitalist agenda. You need someone who really gets you and crafts an approach unique to your gifts, struggles, needs and delves to the depths to reveal what’s been tugging at you, that answer that you just can’t come up with on your own.

I may be your person.
And, I can’t wait to meet you.

About Us (you + me)

Together, we muster the courage. Take a stand. Do the things. I’m not here to meet and hold everyone. I’m here for people like you: the bold-hearted, soul-driven, change-making cool kids. And I don’t mean those cool kids.

I’m talking about the people who are willing to make mistakes. Those willing to learn on the go, take one for the team, get down in the mud and dig through the grit and fear and shame that comes with braving the work you care so much about that your heart will break, and your soul will rot if you hold yourself back for one more minute.

Think we might be a fit?

Let’s find out!

About my Team

I work with others who desire to be of service and grow their unique gifts and contributions as part of our collective adventure—those who see co-creative shared leadership as a form of high art.

Our team is small, mighty and growing. We’re a combination of full-time, all-in-profit-sharing partners, soul-mate contractors and collaborators.

Team C (as we currently call ourselves) is an actively emergent pursuit where we’re living the question: How do we bring together the genius and talent of individuals in collaborative ways that nurture innovation, co-creation and service? Ways in which the contribution and resources regeneratively flow in all directions?

We’re a yes to life!

Both as it is and as we sense it wants to become. We care deeply about humanity and our shared trajectory. We know that our work and business are part of a larger unfolding; we’re humans who are out to alleviate suffering and create very real alternatives that include all of us.

Let’s have our work be an expression of our soul’s call. Let’s contribute to a meaningful cause to make this place better for all of us.


Cred + Experience

I’ve got 20 years of business experience and over a decade working as a master level coach. I’ve worked with leaders in various industries, helping them grow businesses, missions and bodies of work while claiming new levels of leadership and impact.

Coaching Credentials + Experience
  • I am an ICC Integral Master Coach™ and an ICF Master Certified Coach with a gift for seeing and cultivating the genius and potential of human beings.
  • I’ve honed my craft for over a decade, working with leaders in public, private and non-profit sectors in one on one, team and group contexts.
  • My field of focus has been with leaders at the intersection of conscious entrepreneurship and social change and responsibility.
  • I’ve worked with people advancing their capacities in the fields of government (Canada/USA), business, culture and organizational development, personal and professional coaching, embodiment, therapy and trauma resolution, adult development and education, social/emotional learning, consciousness and spirituality, community development, and social and environmental change.
  • I have studied under and been mentored by Joanne Hunt and Laura Divine, Founders of Integral Coaching Canada and architects of the Integral Coaching® Method.
Teaching, Facilitation + Business
  • I am the former President of Integral Coaching Canada and Lead Teacher of the Integral Coaching® Certification Program.
  • I have a breadth of experience in teaching and mentoring, program design, and holding and carrying out education containers that facilitate embodied transformation in human beings.
  • I develop teams in organizations to be more efficient, cohesive and mission driven.
  • I have 20 years of experience as an entrepreneur and business owner, spanning forms from solo to partnerships and leading groups and teams.
  • I have experience with processes of both buying and selling companies and have held every functional role in a small business.
  • I know the ins and outs of what it takes to establish, grow, pivot, scale, downsize and transition a company through my own direct experience and through teaching, coaching, and consulting hundreds of others.
Personal Practice, Development and Life
  • I relate to my own life path as that of a student. I hold and own my gifts and capacity but also recognize that these qualities are not static, there’s much I don’t have and there’s always more to learn.
  • I have my own body of personal, spiritual, creative and embodiment practices.
  • I work with coaches, therapists, healers, mentors and teachers for my own development, growth and unlearning.
  • I participate in courses and training in support of locating and learning about what is beyond my field of view and current capabilities.
  • I belong to several communities of practice, focused on collective meditation and we-space emergence, decolonization and anti-racism, social and environmental change and community support.
  • I am newly extracting myself from Social Media, on behalf of greater presence and deeper work.
  • I am dedicated to pursuing a life that causes as little harm as possible and creates a positive impact at various scales.