I’ve been calling this show my mid-life crisis project. It’s about coming of age in the 90’s and coming of middle age right now. It’s about the stories we internalize about who we are. It’s about self-perception, patriarchal deception and the identities we fiercely try to shed. It’s about waking up, growing up and throwing up the domestication we’ve been force-fed.

It’s about binging self-help and how late-stage capitalism ruins every party it wasn’t invited to in the first place. It’s about love, loss, cultural expectation and the cosmic joke of pursuit, with just enough basic bitch dick jokes to help the medicine go down and distract you from your climate anxiety.

It’s a little bit touching, a little bit raw, a little bit irreverent, a little bit relevant, a little bit illuminating, a little bit raunchy, a little bit infuriating, a little bit heartbreaking, a little bit connecting, a little bit inspiring, and really quite funny.

It’s A Little Bit Much.

  • "Barefoot in a groovy jumpsuit, Davison is able to command the space, while still taking care to remain intimate and present while she details her experiences like seeking wisdom at silent retreats, and the birth of her two children."

    Apt 613, Ottawa Fringe Festival
  • Apt 613, Ottawa Fringe Festival

    “It’s the Vagina Monologues meets Comedy Central. You’re laugh-crying at the tragedy of self-help culture and the power of love. Every woman GETS THIS.”

    Danielle LaPorte - Heart Centered Leader & Author
  • Danielle LaPorte - Heart Centered Leader & Author

    "It’s not just that Chela Davison manages to express out loud thoughts and experiences that I have had myself, it’s that she also said the things I hadn’t thought but should have." ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

    Laura N
  • Laura N

    "If you: have a vagina, love someone with a vagina, raised someone who is a bit much, live with someone who is a bit much (f**k you — they aren’t) then see this show."

  • Andrea

    "A gallop through ages and stages that cascades you from one unbidden laugh to the next. Risque to the point of touching us in our own truths, stirring us open with raw and visceral descriptions of how all of us really feel, but seldom dare to articulate."

  • Jani

    "While this show is a comedy, Davison was visibly emotional retelling some of her experiences, which didn’t come off as melodramatic but incredibly honest. For a night of laughter and tears (but the good kind), this show is worth a watch."

    Apt 613, Ottawa Fringe Festival

Chela Davison dishes the dirt about a life filled with ideas, jokes, sex, drugs, travel, hairdressing, dating, marriage, kids, coaching and relentless personal growth. Shaking her fist at the excruciating and unwinnable game of “having it all” and “being somebody”, this is for anyone – particularly any woman – who’s been told they’re “a little bit much”. Mature language & Content. 14+

  • Calgary Fringe Festival


    Wood’s Homes @

    Inglewood Hub

    1008 – 14 Str SE


    Fri Aug 2 @ 5:30 pm

    Sat Aug 3 @ 3:45 pm

    Sun Aug 4 @ 7:15 pm

    Tues Aug 6 @ 5:30 pm

    Wed Aug 7 @ 5:30 pm

    Fri Aug 9 @ 7:15 pm

    (Also available for On Demand viewing from Wed Aug 7 to end of day Sat Aug 10, 2024)

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  • Autumn BC Tour Dates TBC

    Autumn BC Tour

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  • Chela Davison lives on Bowen Island, BC. She’s worked running a hair salon, as a life and business coach, essayist, and creativity doula. She currently coaches and facilitates communities of practice for Entrepreneurs, practitioners and artists. She’s now taking her years of entrepreneurship, professional and personal experience and launching herself into her greatest adventure yet: telling her stories on stage. Chela has been working with TJ Dawe on a variety of projects for fourteen years, culminating in A Little Bit Much. This is Chela’s first show of its kind. She wrote it during her midlife crisis and it helped a lot.

    Chela Davison